Aeroclub is for designing, making and flying aeromodels and learning about science behind the aircrafts and space, which is specially designed for School Students and it is conceptualized by raven’s connectED team. It’s a unique club vailable in entire country which is designed by raven aerial technologies Technologies pvt ltd. This club will also provide a platform where young students can mould their imagination into reality and feel the excitement first hand.

Aeroclub empowers the school to help their students to develop holistically and realise their dream of space and planes using interactive tele-education platform and building their own aeromodels. Aeroclub is the place to learn the technology behind the making of aircrafts and mysteries of space. It helps and encourages the students to solve real time problems involved in making aeromodels.

Aeromodelling is one of the world’s finest hobbies & an art of making various types of aircraft models which can actually fly. Aeromodelling is a wonderful form of self expression that gradually leads you to a successful career as a Pilot, Aircraft Designer, Aircraft Maintenance Technician, Aero-Space Engineer etc. It is both a Hobby and an International Sport Model aviation’s power to excite the imagination and generate enthusiasm has made it a truly international activity with many thousands of participants and hundreds of ongoing activities worldwide. We provide one year world class hands on aeromodelling education.



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