Raven Aerial Technologies Pvt Ltd provides stepping stone to success for all drone racers by conducting drone racing championships across the nation by joining their hands with IAAA (Institute of Aeronautics, Astronautics & Aviation). Drone racing is a new type of motorsport where participants control “drones”. Pilots compete against each other on a track and the winner is determined by completing the race in the fastest time. The track consists of certain checkpoints and gates that the pilots must fly through to properly complete the course. Following are the different categories in drone racing:

  • Time-trial: The pilot who completes the course with the fastest time, freestyle.
  • Maze race: The pilot has to complete the maze within the given time.

How can I participate in Drone Racing?

  • Step 1: Register here
  • Step 2: Make sure your Drone’s dimensions are within the racing limit
  • Step 3: Prepare yourself for the event.

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