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AERO TALNTZ 2016 is launched by the Chennai Branch of the Aeronautical Society of India to motivate the school students towards aeronautical sciences. The event is conducted for the school students across the state of Tamil Nadu. The event is held at cities namely Thanjavur, Coimbatore and Chennai, where major Indian Air Force bases are located. The event focuses on Technical Talk and Paper Plane.

AERO TALNTZ 2016 event is conducted in two phases namely Tire-I and Tire-II. Tire-I will be conducted in schools across Tamil Nadu, whereas Tire-II will be conducted in engineering colleges.

In Tire-I, students of the hosting school will be competing in Technical Talk and Paper Plane contests, among them. Raven Aerial Technologies Pvt Ltd will conduct the Tire-I event in the hosting school, for their students. 9 students will be selected from each school through Tire-I event.

In Tire-II, the Tire-I selected students from different schools will be competing with each other for the title. Each Tire-I selected student will attend aeromodelling workshop worth Rs.1000/- sponsored and conducted by Raven Aerial Technology Pvt Ltd.

The Tire I hosting school will be awarded with “Award of Appreciation”, by theChairman of the Chennai Branch of the AeSI, during the award ceremony of Tire II. The event will be circulated through AeSI, Chennai Branch newsletter and through website promotion across the nation.  Hosting school should make necessary travel arrangements for their students for participating in Tire II and for the faculty/representative (who will be receiving the school’s “Award of Appreciation”).


In Technical Talk contest, the students will be delivering their speech for two minutes duration over the topics such as “Future of space exploration”, “India’s stand in space race”, “Future of global commercial aviation”, “ISRO’s achievements and societal benefits though that”.


In Paper Plane contest students will be designing a plane from A4 sheet. Students will compete through flying their paper plane design for long endurance and long rangecategory.